If you have somehow arrived here for any reason other than being my instructor for MMC 2100, welcome and thanks for checking it out! (Lauren, you’re welcome here, too!) Even though this is technically just an assignment, I think blogging is fun. I think the word is fun, I think the idea is fun, and the best part is – if nobody cares, I still get to write whatever I want. And it’s free. Sweet.

The main purpose of this blog is to document my adventure in the world of PR. It’s pretty exciting stuff, I promise. (I just applied for a social media and internet marketing internship at a local PR firm! There’s no money, but it looks a lot better on a resume than my year in fast food.) Even though PR is my concentration in school, I still feel like such a novice. A virtual “PR Dummy.” So I figured I’d mash a whole bunch of ideas into one and start a blog that chronicles my learning process and experiences (and hopefully earns an A). Anyways, I’ll post stuff that I find interesting, cool, noteworthy or valuable and if you’re interested in learning right along with me, you’re invited! Come on, dummies. Let’s learn.